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Safety & Quality

ZIM is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, for our customers and employees, as well as for the community and the environment.

At ZIM, we see our job as part of a wider social responsibility to better our world. This vision begins at home with our uncompromised approach to occupational safety, and extends to our environmental standards and community projects that are creating a positive impact across the globe.

Occupational Safety

Safety on the job is our highest priority. All operational activities at ZIM adhere to the highest standards of maritime safety, and all our vessels comply with International Safety Management regulations. Our employees undergo regular safety training, and we rigorously monitor compliance levels to ensure our employees stay safe. ZIM is also C-TPAT certified by the US Customs & Borders Protection.

View ISM certificate.

Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS)

CINS is a shipping lines initiative, launched in September 2011, developed to increase safety in the supply chain, reduce the number of cargo incidents on-board ships and highlight the risks caused by certain cargoes and/or packing failures.

CINS permits analysis of operational information on all cargo and container incidents which lead to: Injury or loss of life, Loss or serious damage of assets and Environmental concerns. Data relating to any cargo incident on-board a ship is uploaded to the CINS database. Membership of CINS comprises over 60 percent of the world’s container slot capacity.

Our Safety Target is: Zero fatality records!

ZIM is a member of CINS since 2011.


Environmental Protection

In keeping with our pioneering tradition, ZIM was one of the first shipping companies in the world to receive Environmental Management certification ISO 14001 for its company-owned fleet. On some major services, we operate Super-Slow Steaming to enable substantial fuel savings and significantly reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. In addition, the ZIM fleet complies with all relevant treaties for the prevention of marine pollution, including MARPOL, IMDG, ballast water management, oil spills (SOPEP), sewage, garbage, and air pollution standards. ZIM ships use low-sulfur fuels, and are also equipped for the use of electric shore power while in port (cold ironing), to reduce the environmental impact of the main engines. Wherever we are in the world, ZIM takes the future of our environment to heart.

Our Environmental Target is: to improve our average environmental emissions every year, by at least 1%! We also aim at reducing it by at least 10% in the next 10 years between 2015 and until 2025!


The Clean Cargo Working Group

ZIM is a member of the Clean Cargo Working Group, a global shipping industry initiative dedicated to improving the environmental performance of marine container transport through measurement, evaluation, and reporting. ZIM acknowledges its commitment to the environment and its long-standing policy of a responsible and far-sighted approach to protecting the seas and the planet.

Read more about ZIM's Environmental policy


Serving the Community

ZIM has a strong and long-standing commitment to the communities in which we operate. Our staff places a high priority in getting involved with many aspects of communal life. One example is an innovative after-school program for at-risk children, which provides a surrogate home environment, hot meals, and homework assistance on a daily basis for children aged 6 to 17. ZIM is proud to contribute financially to this important program, in addition to the time and energy devoted by our staff as volunteers.

ZIM is working in communities worldwide to support social initiatives such as these, where they are needed most.   

Assured Quality

At ZIM, our dedication to quality is certified and assured. We maintain the very highest standards of quality in every aspect of container shipping, and hold all relevant international and industry certifications.

View ISO 9001 certificate.

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