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Brazil: Cargo Shipping Services

ZIM offers diverse traffic and weekly cargo services in Brazil via three main operative services.  Through its connections with direct call ports that are also used as distribution centers, ZIM provides exceptional service alongside access to the main destinations and origins of the Brazilian market:

  • Asian market service covering China, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Philippines;
  • United States East Coast direct calls;
  • Connections through our Inter Americas service to United States West Coast and Gulf, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America;
  • Europe, through its Mediterranean service;


The MERCOSUR service calls at Brazil's main ports, offering a mix of frequencies and key destination calls. ZIM's consistent presence in Brazil, combined with the extensive services it offers, have turned the company into one of the most reliable in the local container shipping market.


ZIM operates a network of agencies through the various ports in Brazil:

  • Santos and Sao Paulo – ZIM do Brasil
  • Vitoria, Rio de Janeiro and Itaguai  – Poseidon
  • Itajai, Navegantes, Itapoa, Paranagua and Rio Grande – Seven Stars
  • Manaus, Suape, Salvador and Pecem – Wilson Sons


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