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ZIM Seven Stars Express Service to add a Kaohsiung call


24/11/2017 7:50

ZIM is pleased to announce that starting November 2017, ZIM’s popular Seven Stars Express Service (Z7S) will add a call in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, offering unique advantages to customers, including: 
- Direct access to New York Maher terminal
- Unique product linking Kaohsiung and Wilmington, NC
- Fast transit time from Wilmington and Savannah; A premium product for USA exports to Taiwan
- Calling Terminal 5, Pier 77/78 in Kaohsiung, for easy access from main manufacturing areas
- End of the week departure from Kaohsiung   
The first vessel to call Kaohsiung on the new rotation is Zim Ontario on Nov 3, 2017.  

ZIM Seven Stars Express Service deploys 11X5000TEU vessels operated solely by ZIM, ensuring high schedule reliability and punctuality. 
The new Z7S rotation:
Kaohsiung – Da Chan Bay – Yantian – Cai Mep – Port Kelang – Colombo – New York- Norfolk – Wilmington – Savannah – Port Kelang – Kaohsiung
The new call is part of ZIM’s ongoing efforts to improve and enhance our portfolio on the Asia-US East Coast trade and cater for market needs.

以星航運日前宣布自2017年11月起將其在亞洲-美東市場上廣受歡迎的以星七星快線(Z7S航線)正式加掛高雄港, 以提供廣大台灣客戶該航線的五大優勢服務:
1. 直航紐約港最受歡迎的馬赫碼頭(Maher Terminal)
2. 市場上唯一連結高雄至威明頓港(Wilmington)的獨家服務
3. 提供威明頓港(Wilmington)及薩凡納港(Savannah)出發到台灣的最短船期; 美國出口至台灣的優質快速航線.
4. 掛靠高雄第五貨櫃中心77/78號碼頭, 提供各工業區到高雄港的絕佳連結
5. 台灣客戶喜愛的週末高雄開航

七星快線首航高雄航班Zim Ontario預定將於11月3日抵達高雄. 本航線配置以星航運獨立操作的11條以高度可靠性及準班率著稱的5000 TEU級屬輪. 沿途掛靠:
新Z7S航線設置不但凸顯了以星航運持續改善並強化亞洲-美東航線佈局的重要進程, 同時也實際呼應市場上客戶對該航線上優質服務的渴切需求.

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