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Turkey: Cargo Shipping Services

Belstar Shipping & Transport Inc.

Belstar Shipping represents ZIM's global shipping interests in Turkey, providing comprehensive import and export services to its many clients. We serve the full spectrum of shipping-related activities in Turkey, leveraging ZIM's fully-integrated worldwide shipping services, with vessels calling at all major Turkish ports.


Belstar's excellent reputation dates back to 1949, and we have been honored to represent ZIM as its Turkish agent for more than 30 years. Today, we are proud to be known worldwide as ZIM Turkey.

The ZIM Turkey District Office is located in the western port city of Izmir, and we also operate branch offices in the following strategic locations:

  • Izmir – Covers the Aegean Sea through the port of Izmir.
  • Istanbul – Operates in the Marmara & Black Sea areas through Istanbul's ports (including Ambarli).
  • Izmit and Gemlik, with a liaison office in Bursa.
  • Mersin – Covers the southeast and eastern areas through the port of Mersin.
  • Antalya – Responsible for the southern Mediterranean area through the port of Antalya.

Each of our conveniently-situated branch offices is staffed by an autonomous professional team that works efficiently to provide an immediate response to client needs in any field: management, marketing, sales, operations, logistics and finance. The constant flow of information between our District Office and regional branches ensures that our clients throughout Turkey receive uniformly high service standards, no matter which office they contact.

ZIM Turkey's highly skilled and experienced staff members, who possess vital knowledge of the local market, are backed by ZIM's top quality global network, and our fully computerized, integrated systems enable us to respond rapidly and accurately to all client inquiries.

For more information on our services and scheduled port calls, please visit the ZIM Turkey website.

Belstar: Connecting Turkey to ZIM's Global Shipping Market.

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