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B/L, Booking or container number as it appears B/L.
B/L number should start with ZIMU followed by 3 A/N letter followed by 6-9 numbers (for example ZIMUBCN123456).
A booking number must have A/N characters only.
A container number must have 4 A/N followed by 6 to 7 digits (for example ZCSU1234567).

BL, Booking, Container reference numbers
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Please enter Booking, B/L or Container number.
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Effective Loss Prevention

Helpful Tips

​Accidents happen. We hope for the best but we must prepare for the worst.  Expedient and appropriate reactions can very often   prevent or reduce damages/losses to the cargo interests, carrier and even a third party involved.


If you suspect your cargo has suffered damages:

  1. Advise immediately your Carrier Agent in writing of the following:
    • Bill of Lading number, Date and Place of Issuance
    • Container number
    • Brief description of the alleged damage/loss
    • If you or your insurers intend to nominate a surveyor to inspect the goods.

  2. It is strongly recommended to consult with your Insurers how to best proceed.

  3. It is your obligation to take all precautions to minimize further damage/loss - please consult with your surveyor

  4. Keep all documentation that may assist in evaluating the damage:
    • Photos
    • Commercial invoices
    • Etc.


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We hope these hints prove helpful and assist you to better prevent/reduce losses.
We wish you safe and secure journeys.


- Claims, Insurance & Loss Prevention -

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