ZIM's Upgraded Pacific Network

A leader in the Asia America Trade


  • ZIM’s independent premium service covering main trade lines to/from Asia to US East Coast, Pacific North West, US Gulf & Caribbean.
  • Excellent connectivity to numerous Inland Point Intermodal destinations in US and Canada
  • Agile service with quick response to ever-changing market needs
  • Over 50 years of experience serving the US Gulf Coast and Caribbean via Kingston, with excellent own-operated feeder ​network in the US Gulf and widespread feeders in the Caribbean
  • Extensive, synchronized feeder networ​k from the Indian Subcontinent and from South East Asia
  • Offering extensive coverage with fast transit time from all Asia main ports


Z7S: ZIM 7 Star Service

Da Chan Bay - Yantian - Cai Mep - Port Kelang - Colombo - New York - Norfolk - Wilmington -
Savannah – Port Kelang - Da Chan Bay

  • Premium service from South China, South-East Asia & India Subcontinent to North Atlantic
  • Best in market Transit Time from Vietnam and India Sub continent to New York City
  • Calling at Maher Terminal which provides best service and inland connectivity among New York terminals
  • Extensive port coverage, with proven high service reliability with exclusive call to Wilmington from South China & South-East Asia​


ZCP: ZIM Container Pacific service

Qingdao - Ningbo - Shanghai - Pusan - Kingston - Savannah - Charleston - Norfolk -
New York - Halifax - Kingston - Qingdao

  • Premium service from Shanghai and Korea to US South Atlantic, Gulf and the Caribbean 
  • Fast transit time for China imports from USEC and Caribbean, calling Qingdao as 1st port
  • Offering unique direct call to/from Halifax from North Central China


ZMP: ZIM Med Pacific Service

Port Kelang – Cai Mep - Da Chan Bay – Yantian – Xiamen – Ningbo – Shanghai – Pusan -
Vancouver – Pusan – Qingdao - Shanghai - Ningbo - Da Chan Bay – Port Kelang

  • Premium & independent service from Central China to Pacific North West
  • Excellent connectivity to numerous Inland Point Intermodal destinations in US & Canada
  • Best in class transit time from Central & North China and Korea
  • New direct calls from Xiamen & Vietnam


ZPN: ZIM Pacific North service

Hong Kong – Yantian – Kaohsiung – Shanghai - Pusan – Tacoma - Vancouver  – Tokyo - Pusan -
Kaohsiung - Hong Kong

  • Smooth gateways to US and Canada inland destinations
  • Direct calls in Kaohsiung, Tokyo & Tacoma
  • Calling Waigaoqiao terminal in Shanghai
  • Calling Tacoma and Vancouver, serving various Inland Point Intermodal  destinations in US and Canada.

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