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The Power of Being Independent - Relationship

Special Cargo

As Professional as It Gets

Transporting Special Cargo requires the highest amount of expertise in the market. We gained this experience during decades of transporting all types of cargoes, including oversized / heavy, refrigerated and hazardous ones.

Door to Door – and More!

ZIM teams are in contact with our customers throughout the entire logistics procedure, starting from the designing process, making sure the manufactured part can be shipped on a container vessel, on through the planning and execution of the actual shipping process, until the cargo arrives safely at its destination. For each shipment, an array of experts – project managers, ship's crew, land transportation specialists, surveyors and more – team up to handle the job in the best possible way. Optimal treatment of your cargo is our top priority.

​Personal Approach

While our marketing representatives will assist you personally, providing information and meeting special requests specific to your shipment, our marine officers who undergo special training will keep an expert eye on your shipment during sea voyage. We are committed to full transparency, in complete coordination with you, our customer.

We enjoy long term commitments with many of our customers, partnering together to make all the logistics process as smooth as possible.

Global Dedicated Service

ZIM's growing global network of lines and services, combined with an extensive regional feeder system, allows you to send your cargo anywhere in the world and on time. We keep a constant, global flow of special equipment (Flat containers and Open Tops). Our fleet is young and we invest much on maintenance to make sure our equipment's performance is at its peak.

ZIMonitor: control your valuable cargo 24/7

ZIMonitor is an exclusive service offered by ZIM, enabling the container’s tracking, monitoring and remote control, and including real-time intervention to prevent damages to the cargo shipped. The service suits all types of sensitive, dangerous, refrigerated or high value cargo, and allows for an unprecedented level of safety and protection of it.

Why ZIM?

  • Expertise throughout the entire logistics process
  • Customized solutions to your unique needs
  • Door to door project management
  • Fast response time
  • High quality special equipment (Flats and Open Tops)
  • On-line container tracing
  • Global Reach and Local Touch​​


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