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From the smallest importer to the biggest bank, ZIM's easy to use paperless bills of lading platform powered by WAVE BL offers a decentralized way to issue, transfer, endorse, and deliver bills of lading documents with full control of your privacy. 




Safe & Secure

Every transaction is recorded and verifiable, thanks to blockchain technology.

Instant Transfer

Every transfer takes minutes.

Seamless Business

No disruptions from loss, delay or forgery. At a fraction of the cost.





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What’s next?

Step 1:
Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email with your username, password and activation instructions.

Step 2:
Log in and complete your activation following the steps provided in the activation instructions (received in your email).

Step 3: 

Once you’ve made the initial connection, you’ll be contacted by ZIM’s eBL team to exchange contact information between your party and ZIM /WAVE BL.

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Register to eBL Service

Please enter the accurate company name as appears on your contact with ZIM.
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Please enter either Reference numbers, BL number or CUCC number.

* We hereby confirm and acknowledge that electronic Bill of Lading services (“eBL services”) are being provided to us directly by the WAVE BL network application, and that ZIM, as well as ourselves and any other party making use of this application, are merely users of this application.  

* We are aware that the electronic Bill of lading contractual terms of carriage are subjected to ZIM’s standard bill of lading terms and conditions.  

* We hereby undertake upon ourselves the liability and indemnity to ZIM for the consequences of the usage of the eBL services.


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