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I’m pleased to share with you the second issue of our newsletter, Freeze – ZIM Reefers World.

We were excited to receive the positive feedback on the first newsletter from our dedicated customers and now bring you some more interesting articles.

Last year taught the world a very important lesson – the world depends unconditionally on the safe transportation of both food and medicines, most of which are moved in reefer containers. ZIM rose to the challenge and was everywhere where we were needed.

As part of our strategy to have a young and technologically advanced reefers fleet, we continue introducing new reefers to support growing global demand. We are proud to have the youngest and most innovative reefers fleet in the industry.

ZIM’s global professional reefer sales teams keep working hard to support you and provide solutions to your requirements, always with our unique personal touch and can-do approach.

This issue brings you interesting articles and interviews about seasonal cargo, latest market developments, and our global reach. We hope you enjoy it.

Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team with any of your reefers’ cargo needs. They’ll be more than happy to assist you and provide you with tailored solutions.

Yair Teitelbaum – VP Global Sales

How Does ZIM Ensure Equipment Supply to All Our Customers Across the World?
Gil Lehmann describes the logistics challenges involved in maintaining the youngest reefers fleet in the industry.
Logistics challenges
Italy’s Pharmaceutical Market Continues to Grow
Gianluca Scalisi, ZIM’s Country Sales Manager, tells us how ZIM grows along with the local pharmaceutical industry, and describes their main exports, destinations, and differentiators.
Italy's pharmaceutical market continues to grow
China – The Largest Garlic Producer in the World
China is the largest global exporter of garlic, reaching almost 2.2 million tons in 2020. That’s enough to flavor a lot of food! Sun Rio, ZIM China’s Reefers Manager, writes about the market and how ZIM fares in this giant country.   ‬
China - the largest garlic producer in the world
Seafood and Potatoes from Canada Travel the World
The logistics of moving cargo in and from Canada is challenging. Spanning 4.5 time zones, a lot of planning is required. Read how ZIM Canada overcomes these challenges and grows its presence in this North American country. By Celan Zeljko, VP Strategic Accounts, ZIM Canada.
Seafood and potatoes from Canada
ZIM is Back in Australia!
ZIM is back in Australia with a big bang! We interviewed John van Pelt, ZIM Australia country manager, who told us how in just several months they mounted an operation that moves meat and other products to China.
ZIM is back in Australia
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