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Presenting The Fastest South China  Los Angeles Service

The new speedy ZIM eCommerce Xpress (ZEX), custom made for time-sensitive cargo, started June 22nd, 2020

ZIM is pleased to announce the launch of a new, speedy, dedicated service from South China to Los Angeles US West Coast – Speedy ZIM eCommerce Xpress (ZEX). 

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ZIM eCommerce Xpress line map

Da Chan Bay – Yantian - 12 days -  Los-Angeles - Da Chan Bay

Rail Transit Time Chicago Memphis Kansas City Dallas New York City
ZIM eCommerce Xpress (ZEX) 18 17 16 18 21
Industry average from Yantian 24-31 22-28 21-27 22-28 27-33


  • Custom-made for eCommerce customers with time-sensitive cargo
  • Excellent Air Freight substitute with better value for money
  • Fastest transit time from South China to Los Angeles and US inland locations
  • Late cut off from Yantian (Shenzhen) for Wednesday AM departure
  • Monday Los Angeles cargo availability
  • Space and equipment guarantee – no rolling
  • Money back guarantee for non-delivery on the Guaranteed Delivery Date
  • Quick rail connection to additional destinations: Chicago , Memphis, Dallas, Kansas City, New York

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WBCT Terminal in Los Angeles

  • All import containers mounted on ZIM-operated chassis for expedited delivery
  • Quick truck turn time of less than 30 mins, no appointment required for import pick up
  • Dedicated in-gate lane to avoid general queueing

Exclusive A2ZIM dedicated premium service

  • Dedicated customer service team both in Asia and US during entire shipment cycle
  • Proactive shipment monitoring and status notification through myZIM platform

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