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The Best of Both Worlds: Premium Network, Stellar Service. Asia-Mediterranean & Asia-Pacific North West Structure

The Best of Both Worlds
Premium Network, Stellar Service

The new Agreement will cover the Asia - Mediterranean and the Asia - Pacific Northwest trades.

The new strategic operational agreement, which will be a combination of Vessel Sharing, Slot exchange and purchase, covers two additional trades: Asia - East Mediterranean and Asia - American Pacific Northwest. 

Asia - East Mediterranean:

  • New exclusive calls in Turkey
  • Extensive port coverage and best-in-market transit time
  • ZIM-operated dedicated feeder (TBX) via Istanbul for fast Black Sea connection
  • Superior “Last mile” services - in ports, inland deliveries, documentations etc.

Sirius Line (ZAS)

  • Tianjin Xingang Pt - Dalian - Pusan - Ningbo - Shanghai - Shekou - Singapore - Suez Canal - Port Said East - Haifa - Port Said East - Suez Canal - Singapore - Tianjin Xingang Pt

Spica Line (ZMS)

  • Pusan - Shanghai - Ningbo - Shekou - Singapore - Suez Canal - Port Said East - Yarimca, Izmit - Istanbul Ambarli - Tekirdag - Piraeus - Suez Canal - Singapore - Shekou - Pusan
Spica Line (ZMS) Map

Spica Line (ZMS) Map

Asia - Pacific Northwest:

  • Improved Transit Time
  • New Prince Rupert call, with excellent rail service to inland destinations in US & Canada: faster, greener and more reliable
  • Improved Westbound transit time to Japan, South Korea and North China
  • ZIM’s Superior “Last mile” services - in ports, inland deliveries, documentations etc.

ZIM Pacific Pollux (ZP9)

  • Kaohsiung - Xiamen - Yantian - Ningbo - Shanghai - Pusan - Vancouver - Vancouver - Seattle - Yokohama - Pusan - Kaohsiung
ZIM Pacific Pollux (ZP9) Map

ZIM Pacific Pollux (ZP9) Map

ZIM Pacific Procyon (ZP8)

  • Tianjin Xingang Pt - Qingdao - Shanghai - Pusan - Yokohama - Prince Rupert - Tianjin Xingang Pt
ZIM Pacific Procyon (ZP8) Map

ZIM Pacific Procyon (ZP8) Map


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