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Dear ZIM Customer, Please be advised that our Tyrrhenian Container Line Service, connecting Israel, Fos Sur-Mer (France), Genoa and Salerno (Italy) which has been operated jointly with COSCO, will con…
Dear ZIM Customer, Following our previous advisory, dated December 18th 2023, addressing current security concerns in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and in light of the increasing demand, ZIM is im…
עידכון: צים מודיעה על עדכון מחירי הובלה מאסיה לים התיכון לאור העלייה בהוצאות התפעול בשל המצב הבטחוני חיפה, דצמבר 12 ,2023 - חברת צים הודיעה היום ללקוחותיה כי לאור האיום הבטחוני המתמשך באזור ים סוף ומפ…
Dear valued ZIM customer, Please be advised that the ZMP service will continue to serve all its East Med and Israeli ports. Operations to and from these ports will continue while implementing the high…
ZIM continues to operate and accept bookings to and from Israel; implementing new war risk premium charge, at cost, on relevant cargo – Update! Dear Valued Customer, First and foremost, our thoughts…